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The Learn Easy Magic collection has just been released on the ClickBank marketplace! Many people want to learn how to do simple magic tricks — but not those lame ones in cheap magic books or on YouTube.

So, wouldn't it be cool to promote an amazing product like Learn Easy Magic and get paid for it?


In initial tests this fantastic item has converted as high as 9.6%. That's nearly 1 in every 10 targeted visitors buying.

The selling price of the program is $27 and you earn 65%.

After ClickBank take their fees you earn $15.58 per sale. Just follow the directions below.

Here's What You Do:

Step #1: Sign up for your free ClickBank account to get your ClickBank ID (skip this step if you already have one). Click here to get your ClickBank account ID now for free.

Step #2:

Enter your ClickBank ID in the box below.

You'll notice that there's a choice to select which webpage you'd like to promote. The first choice is the regular web page/sales page. This page has an exit pop-up to get the people coming back to the site at a later time.

Realize that when they come back to LearnEasyMagic.com within 60 days you will still get the credit for your sale!

However, if you don't want the exit pop-up on the sales page, just choose the second "Learn Easy Magic - No Pop-up" choice. (But, I know you'll do better with the first, pop-up page.)

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 Enter your ClickBank ID
ClickBank ID:  

 Select the webpage you would like to promote
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to promote:  
Learn Easy Magic [view]
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 Your affiliate promotions link: 


Your affiliate link will be in the box above labeled, "Your affiliate promotions link." Copy it and paste it where where you need your affiliate link to go (on your blog, website, email, etc.).

(This is for your protection. I am using HopGuard: Affiliates know that ClickBank's affiliate links are prone to commission theft. HopGuard helps stop commission theft by encrypting your affiliate links automatically! This is a secure way to ensure YOU get the credit for bringing customers to the site! For more information on HopGuard, just click here.)


How and when do you get paid?

ClickBank, our third-party processor handles all affiliate tracking and will send you a check twice a month. To check your stats you just need to login into your ClickBank account.

How do you promote?

Is there any ad copy supplied and do you recommend any places to advertise?

Below we supply a host of tools to get you started and tell you places to advertise. Everything is below.

There is ezine ad copy, classified ads, pay per click ads, Google Adwords ads and much more. I highly recommend you opt-in for the Affiliate Hot Sheet. (Coming soon!) You will immediately be sent a large selections of ad copy and places to advertise so you can get started ASAP. Or if you prefer you can copy and paste below.


Sales Copy

The sales page is up, and converting very well. You can see it by going to http:/www.LearnEasyMagic.com

All promotional copy is located below...

Input your ClickBank.com ID above and click the "Generate Affiliate Link" button. All of the copy below will then have your unique affiliate link in it, and it will be protected by HopGuard.

The following tools are not yet completed.
There are banners, below, however.

Emails Have Proven Time and Time Again To Improve Sales:

If you need a great Auto-Responder, I recommend AWeber. If you need an Aweber account, just click here.

Blog Posts:



Forum Signatures / Tool Bar Ads / Text Link Ads —
Very Effective Tools

Eye-Catching Banners and Images to Drive Customers to Your Affiliate Site:

Below are a selection of banners in different sizes. Feel free to use them on your website.

Banner 468 x 60:

Learn Easy Magic Banner 1

Copy / Paste this code on into the HTML of your
Website to display our this Banner / Site Image

It will produce the site form above below with all of your ID's built in.


Banner 120 x 600:

Learn Easy Magic Banner 2

Copy / Paste this code on into the HTML of your
Website to display our this Banner / Site Image

It will produce the site form above below with all of your ID's built in.


You can contact me pretty much whenever you want — don't be a stranger. You can easily contact me here. (It's my preferred method.) I'll respond as quickly as I can. Or you can call me at 610-397-1515.

What to do next...

1) Review the sales copy and get your promotional material here.

2) Promote using your chosen sales copy.

That's it. I'll do my job right, so you get paid, and your readers, members, and/or subscribers come away happy. I will keep you posted of any developments, and want you to do as little as possible to make as much as possible while deliver a high quality low price product to your people.

Bryan Dean
Thank you,






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